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Winter flyover quilt

I began a quilt by hand while at QuiltCon (which I still haven’t blogged about but never mind) and all I knew was that I wanted it to be a low-volume quilt that I could use on my own bed, taking the palette cues  from the two Winslow Homer watercolors that have dictated the color scheme for my bedroom.


There was no plan for this quilt. I didn’t have a pattern. I did however, see this quilt which informed my initial plan for the layout. At first I thought I would experiment with using negative space in this quilt but then ended up not doing that and crowding the field as usual.

Hand-pieced beginnings
On Emily’s design wall

So as I continued to randomly improvisationally piece this quilt, it started to remind me of one of my favorite sights: Wisconsin fields in the winter, viewed from the air. There is just something magical about the colors dampened and reflected by the snow. Pinks, peaches, taupes alongside greys and blues.


Basted on a table at Quilt Camp III

I chose fabrics with dots or circles (with a few grid patterns thrown in too) and which mostly read solid from a distance (the broken dot is a deliberate exception) but up close, you can see their patterns and texture.


I’m excited to do some more machine quilting experimentation with this one. I’ll keep you posted!

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